White Gummi Bear

Yes, it tastes like a white gummi bear. It is my favourite so far. Mmmmm…

Original Size:

6 oz Peach Juice
4 oz Soymilk

One Green Scoop of:

-Lime Sherbet
-Raspberry Sherbet
-Orange Sherbet
-Pineapple Sherbet

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34 comments so far

  1. priscilla on

    SSSSSSOOOOOO good love it so so so so so much My friend told me about this flavor and it is so good!!!!!!!

  2. Gum Goose on


  3. Kellie Evans on

    its so good. lol its way better than the sour gummi

  4. Nae on

    How much is ut?

  5. lpu11 on

    Wait so you can order these at any jamba juice? You just say white gummi?

  6. mamma"G" on

    My daughter first introduced this drink to me and OMG Im hooked. Its all I have been ordering ever since. Then a Jamba juice employee told me about this undergroung site. Now Im ready for something new maybe a banana cream pie YUM!

  7. terri on

    mmmm i luv this smoothie! i get soo protective when i buy it. when my friends ask for a sip i’m all like “NO! MY WHITE GUMMI!” LOL

  8. cole on

    HOLY CRAP with all these awesome reviews im deffinatly getting this right now seriously im rumaging thru the drawer next to me right now to find my car keys….got em

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