The Starcaptain/Crack Star

Thanks to Chris for this submission.

original size 
8oz freshsqueezd oj
4oz (1+1 or rtu)lemonade
1 green scoop of:
orange sherbert
lime sherbert
razz sherbert
1 strawberry
1razzbery/ or 1peach and 1frozenyogurt


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  1. fightingpanda on

    Made it at work today it was pretty good

  2. J9luvsJamba on

    i went to jamba and ordered this, and the guy had no idea what i was talking about!!! half of these smoothies on this site are MADE UP

    • Summer Session on

      actually they aren’t made up. People around the country come up with these ways to make drinks and only certain jamba juices can make certain things. however if you take in the recipies they will make it for you and they can choose to keep the recipe for later or throw it away.

  3. Michael Reinhardt on

    This is NOT real. I went to Jamba Juice asking for this flavor and I was told it does not exist

    • jambawonder on

      I work currently for a Jamba Juice and you would have to personally come in and tell them the ingredients or you would have to write down the ingredients for the employee we do not actually have the recipes at the stores the customers have to bring in the recipe for us.

  4. Emily on

    all this is funny to me because i work at a jamba juice. we (the staff) have been passing these recepies around!

  5. JambaJonny on

    Seems pretty good… a bit in a reckless format (Try putting the how much of something is used in GREEN)

    • JambaJonny on

      Yes i know i didn’t do that 4 some of mine

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