Thank You Jesus

Thanks to Patrick for this submission.

6oz Lemonade
6oz Soymilk

Three Green Scoops:


One Green Scoop:

Pineapple sherbet
Lime Sherbet


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  1. gabbi on

    *no froyo
    No sorbet
    No razz sherb

  2. gabbi on

    At my store we make it as a pink star-
    no froyo
    no sherb
    no razz sherb
    sub 2 lime sherb
    sub 2 pine sherb

  3. salynna machado on

    Is that supposed to be good cuz it kind of sounds discusting and it really want it bcuz its a religion drink

  4. Divine Diva on

    I love love love this drink……THANK YOU JESUS !!!

  5. Allison on

    You should get a jamba juice in Georgetown Kentucky

  6. awesomeperson on

    can anyone translate “green scoop” for me?? and if there is anymore scoops please comment and tell me if you know it. Thanx!

    • Carrie Wurst on

      It’s actually a white scoop, and it’s the one used for power size smoothies. There is a blue one for originals, and a red one for sixteens.

  7. Long-lay on

    All of you are confused and crazy lol.

    If you want energy, order the strawberry energizer the way Maiko here described it. If not, just order the surfrider. Lt lemonade, sub soy, no peach sub pineapple shbt. That’s it.

  8. J9luvsJamba on

    Thank you Jesus for this delicious smoothie!

  9. Alex on

    I came on this page hoping to know exactly how to make the delicious secret smoothies my friends always order, but no one can seem to agree on the ingredients or the proper amount. <:/

  10. ellen on

    Do these actually work? I’m going to use it to share it with the class, and I don’t want to ruin it…

  11. Kath :) on

    what!!! This is confusing!!! Why don’t you just ask for a Thank You Jesus!!!

    • JambaJonny on

      This smoothie is user submitted. Jambas have no idea how to make it.

      • NatK on

        not true managers will know the majority of these smoothies if the cashier doesn’t.

        • RJ on

          Just because the managers know how to make them doesn’t mean we will. It’s not Jamba appropriate when you ask for it so we won’t make it nor call out the “name” it’s been given. Bringing in the recipe is your best bet. I work there and am a manager.

  12. TiffanyyMcGowan on

    Just ask for the surf rider, light lemonade, sub soymilk. No peaches, sub pineapple sherbert.

  13. Silly Illy on

    It’s actually 2 pine, 2 lime, n 1 strawberry!

    • noeliosis on

      Yours Sounds like skittles to me..

  14. evie on

    this iz bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  15. maiko on

    the best way to order this one is ask for a strawberry energizer with no passion mango sub soy and no orange sherbet sub pineapple, since they already have the similar recipe…but be aware that strawberry energizer has an energy and a 3g charger boost included so if you don’t want them make sure to say so! 🙂

    • Manfred on

      TiffanyMcGowan and maiko are both incorrect.
      Tiff forgot about the diff amts of scoops for lime/strawberries.
      And the strawberry energizer is also more expensive BECAUSE of the boosts, so do not ask for that unless you want them anyway.

      TO ORDER:
      Strawberry surfrider with
      light lemonade sub soymilk,
      light lime sherbert sub strawberries,
      and no peaches sub pineapple sherbert.

      • Hannah R on

        Actually its less confusing to just say,
        Strawberry surfrider with
        light lemonade sub soymilk
        light lime sherbert sub pineapple sherbert
        and no peaches sub strawberries.
        Basically, it’s a creamy surfrider with all strawberries and a hint of pineapple in addition to the lime

        • Rachel on

          Do you know how any boosts are added to this? I know it’s the 3G and and the Energy but is it one of each or more?

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