Strawberry Shortcake

Original Size:

6 oz pineapple juice
6 oz soymilk


Three Green Scoops of:

 -frozen yogurt

Two Green Scoops of:


One Green Scoop of:

 -Pineapple Sherbet


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12 comments so far

  1. Jerry on

    I like this page. I started adding smoothies to my yogurt shop. Big help.

  2. jamba lover on

    its actually 3 pineapple sherberts 2 oz peach juice and one raspberry and one strawberry and one mango . WHY THE FRICK DID THEY POST THIS STUPID RECIPIE ON THE IDIOTIC UNDERGROUND

  3. jamba lover on

    its actually 3 orange sherbert 2 strawberries peach juice 4 banana .


  4. Katy on

    tastes more like pineapple than strawberry.

  5. jamba b on

    jamba has this recipe so you shouldn’t have to tell them whats in it. atleast my store does and the local ones around us.

  6. dylan on

    well it was good but probably the worst underground i ever tasted. but still great. although i tasted good smoothies from jamba juice so when i tasted the strawberry short cake i really expected better. but all the other smoothies i tasted pretty good.

  7. Johnny on

    I admit it’s pretty good, but mild. When I ordeed it, I really was hoping for more. I suggest a bit more sweetness. It tastes like melted strawberry frozen yougrt, which, is good, but deffinitly could be better.

  8. emmylou on

    I tried this today after work….crazy how much it tastes like strawberry shortcake…definitely try it

  9. jamba juice employee on

    To -dimitri- above, the scoops refer to jamba juices scoops. we have two different sizes. The green scoops are used in most original and power smoothies, and the yellow scoops are used in most sixteen oz smoothies. These recipies are more for you the customer to bring into jamba juice to get made. cheers back.. dumb ass.

  10. dimitri on

    hello…great info..but.. how big or how many grams/mls is the green scoop?? a standard scoop is 60 ml or two shot glasses but that sounds too much??

  11. jamba cole on

    not secret…

    but not on the menu

    • sabhsa on

      damn, can`t the fucking underground be real

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