Sour Patch Kids

Original Size:

12 oz Lemonade

One Green Scoop of:

-Lime sherbet
-Pineapple sherbet
-Raspberry Sherbet
-Orange Sherbet

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14 comments so far

  1. pj on

    you forgot lemonade. YOU NEED the lemonade to get the sour flavor.

  2. abbey on

    how to make sherbet?
    1 table spoon of jelly crystles
    1 table spoon of icing sugar
    2 teaspoons of citric acid
    1 table spoon of bi cub soda

    if you want to make the sherbet more sour add more citric acid thank you hope it works.

  3. jambajamba freak! on

    i do not wanna know how much calories this is! AND IF your gonna order thia get a 16 oz because allthough i did finish a oringinal it was to hard for my stomache to handle but that just might be me i weigh 78lb. and the taste gets kinda weird after a while

  4. jambajamba freak! on

    not to much like a sour patch good but super good!

  5. J9luvsJamba on

    this is sooo good! it’s like really sour and really sweet. yum!

  6. CovMan on

    yeah, when i made it back in the day, i did it 6oz Lemonade RTU and 6oz soy milk. its a bit more accurate to the taste of a sour patch. Its not AS sour as the listed recipe. JUST as good..

    only thing ive always hated was the bluberries in the teeth! lol. bus SOO worth it.

  7. TiffanyyMcGowan on

    Make sure you order that exact recipe. Because at the one I work at, they make the sour patch w/ all the sherberts, lemonade BUT w/ strawberries instead of blueberries. Thats probably why it tasted different.

    • Jambaeverywed on

      Which one do u work at

  8. dylan on

    i think it was very good. beats every healthy smoothie, but i think that the white gummi bear was probably the best. it was sour but just the perfect amount of it. pretty good smoothie overall.

  9. Johnny on

    I’ll say this beats everything on the menu, but I can’t finish thean original I’d recomend it, but just stay away from the larger sizes. It’s a perfect combo of sour and sweet at the same time.

  10. Julie on

    I make it with no pineapple sherbert and substitute peaches and strawberries. Try it!

  11. maiko on

    When you order one just ask for a white gummi with no peach or soy sub lemonade and no mango sub blueberry, Jambas should have a recipe for white gummi already since its an official off menu flavor ^_^

  12. ayanurrs on

    Took the words right out of my mouth. Sour, but REALLY sweet. I couldn’t finish the original size. >_> I suggest you get a size sixteen. The taste got a bit tiring after a while, but it was good.

  13. seirdo on

    I tried this drink. I’m not sure if it was the same recipe, but the recipe used was great. It tasted JUST like Sour Patch Kids. It was sour ish, but SUPER sweet, and I found it hard to finish an original because of its intensity.

    Still great! Must try!

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