Screaming Orgasm

Original Size:

12 oz peach juice

Two Green Scoops of:

 -pineapple sherbet

One Green Scoop of:


 -Mangos (light)



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  1. […] the name of both drinks are really quite odd, you have something just as weird as the Screamin O at jamba, then you have a drink that sounds like clouds and rainbows. If it was down to the names […]

  2. Edwin on

    I fell for this. I ordered the screaming orgasm….

  3. may xay da nang on

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  4. jambologist david on

    i work at jamba, and i’ve had this plenty of times, i honestly dnt get the appeal…wen i heart screaming orgasm, i think its gonna taste amazing and leave a lil pinch in the back of my cheeks, but its pretty bland if u ask me. so i use lemonade and passion juice instead of peach, and i use peach chunks instead of strawberry. in my opinion, leaves me much more “satisfied”, if u get my drift

  5. Vannysaurus on

    Wait, so most of these smoothies are just submits from other people, right? Some employees don’t actually know about these? .__.

    • JambaCORPORATE on

      As A Current Jamba Employee, I Know That I Only Require My Employees to Learn The SIX (6) Underground Smoothies That We Have In Our System . White Gummi, Red Gummi, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Skilltles, Fruity Rocks, & Sour Gummi . Thats It.!!!!! These Are Some Cool Recipes That Work Tho, Just Know That If You Want To Order Them You Should Have The Recipe Ready, & Know How Too Say It In Jamba Terms.

  6. BILLDAN on

    ZZekezz is crazy. this drink is F****ing amazing. I am a 24 year old MAN

  7. Becky on

    This was all around school yesterday… Sounds hilarious!!

  8. Stopstealing on

    You didn’t invent anything; tried your recipe and this recipe and they taste about 99% the same, not to mention my buddy is Jamba for life and has owned a franchise since 2001 and he says he heard about this drink long before 2004.

  9. ZZekezzz on

    Gratz on creating a drink that makes a bunch of customers rage and a bunch of 13 year old pre-pubescent girls feeling cool. What an accomplishment.

    • stephizm on

      Yes, because that was totally my original intent.

  10. Lolwut on

    @ Stephizm; Source?

    also you can say light orange sherbert sub pineapple sherbert since there are two scoops of orange in a peach pleasure.

    • stephizm on

      1/2, light: same thing. source is me, a former jamba employee/inventor of it in 2004. 🙂

  11. stephizm on

    The original recipe is 12 oz peach juice, 1 scoop pineapple sherbet, 1 scoop orange sherbet, 2 scoops peaches, 1 scoop strawberries. Or you can order it as a peach pleasure, 1/2 orange sherbet, 1/2 pineapple sherbet, no bananas, sub strawberries. 😀 I’m sure the recipe has been changed over the years, but this is the original, trust. I would know 😉 And it’s fantastic.

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