Red Gummi Bear

Original Size:

6 oz Raspberry juice
4 oz Soymilk

One Green Scoop of:

-Lime Sherbet
-Pineapple Sherbet
-Raspberry Sherbet
-Orange Sherbet

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14 comments so far

  1. Lexi Patrick on

    I found out how to make a red gummy bear smoothie THNKZ ALOT!!! : . ) 8 . >

  2. jason on

    are you guys crazy red gummy is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

  3. Thomas Aspiras on

    I asked the clerk and she said there’s sorbet in it.

  4. bommfy on

    so boomfy i loved it and i loved the taste

    go cats

  5. SPREEZY on


  6. jambadylan on

    my brother (jamba jonny) actully thought it tasted allot different than a white gummi.

  7. Ethan on

    What is the recipe for Pink Gummi?

    • JambaJonny on

      I’d figure it out for you if I knew how a pink gummi tasted (I’m not even sure it exists!)

      • jambadylan on

        hey jonathan,maybe next time i= get my hands on a red gummi!

    • Ethan on

      I was in the local store and they knew it pretty well. I actually found out about it from my friend.

  8. Patreezy on

    Sorry to say Jasso, but that sounds like a pretty boring Red Gummi

  9. Jasso on

    I work at Jamba juice

    And when people order red gummies

    All we do is ring up a white gummy

    And just substitute the mangos for strawberries

    That’s the way we make em

  10. jamba cole on

    to order:

    white gummy
    no peach juice
    sub raspberry juice
    no mangos
    sub strawberries

    • JJgreatest on

      Orrrrrrrrr you can be simple and order “A RED GUMMY”… I have never been to a jamba juice that didn’t know the recipe

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