Purple Dinosaur

He just wants to be loved…

Original Size:

6 oz Pomegranate juice
6 oz Soymilk

One green scoop each of:

-Frozen yogurt
-Raspberry Sherbet

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17 comments so far

  1. Lovin_Jamba on

    This seems good… but im just gonna print out the recipe from here and show them. Then voila! yummy drink 😛

  2. love on

    Does everysingle jamba juice employe know about this one?

    • gina on

      no cuz i asked 4 it but they said they have never heard of it!

  3. tim on

    HOLY CRAP… this is my ex-coworker’s drink =____= I remember him making this up and that was about a year ago… fudgggge

    • Marissa on

      Will you please thank him for making my tastebuds orgasm? Thanks.

  4. mikezbro on

    if you wanna order ask for bananna berry
    light bananna sub strawberry
    no apple juice sub pomeegranate, sub soy milk. let them know you want the liquid base to be 6 ounces each

    • gabbi on

      I ring it up as a pom pick me up
      no mixed berry juice-sub soymilk
      Light rasp sherb-sub froyo
      light strawberries-sub banana

  5. zarek on

    green scoop is 2oz. its on the front page. stop asking

  6. Kath :) on

    idk? What is a green scoop anyway??? What does it look like? How do you order of the secret menu anyway? 🙂

  7. JambaJonny on

    Tates like a Razzmatazz. Not my favorite sommothie so far. Try white gummi 🙂

    • roland on

      did you mean it tastes like a razzmatazz for the red gummi? this tastes like banana.

    • jambadylan on

      you moron havent even tasted this darn thing yet.

  8. Silly Illy on

    Dear hugh Jass, the green scoop is a portioning tool at Jamba. LOL. You just gotta go more often!

  9. Patreezy on

    I dunno, tastes a lot like a banana berry…

    Not bad, but I wasn’t impressed :\

  10. jendizzle on

    i dont even like soymilk, but this is great! i got so many ppl hooked on it =]

  11. Becca on

    He’s cute!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hugh Jass on

    whats with the green scoop?

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