Pomegranate Berry Blast

Original size:

6 oz  Pomegranate juice
6 oz Orange juice

One Green Scoop of:

-Orange sherbet

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8 comments so far

  1. Priscilla on

    There isn’t supposed to be mangoes and they left out the pineapple sherbet.

  2. Eenika Das on

    what would u prefer sour patch kids or pomegranate berry blast?

  3. Gabbie on

    How to order:
    Get a Pomegranate Pick-Me-Up.
    Ask for no mixed berry juice sub OJ.
    Light strawberries sub mangos.
    No raspberry sherbet sub orange sherbet and raspberries.

    I am so gonna try this when I go to work!

    • Eenika Das on

      or just say i want a pomegranate berry blast

      • Carrie Wurst on

        They might not know what you mean. We have a menu in the back, but a lot of these “secret” recipes aren’t on it. Unless you tell me what’s in your special smoothie, the name will do nothing for me if it’s not on our chart.

        • SeniorSmoothieMaker on

          Finally! Someone who understands the pain of people looking at me like I’m stupid when they ask for a “Captain Jack Surprise” and I tell them I don’t know the recipe


    How wud u even order that?..

  5. dylan on

    very nice smoothie!

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