Pink Starburst

Original Size:

6 oz Lemonade
6 oz Soymilk (You can also do just 12 oz lemonade)

One Green Scoop of:

 -Raspberry sherbet
 -Lime sherbet
 -Pineapple sherbet
 -Orange sherbet

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Thanks to Jamba Cole for correcting this recipe.


30 comments so far

  1. Brittney Spears on

    Pink starburst is terrible.

  2. Nunu on

    So what if they go the recipe wrong it is not hurting you

  3. Nunu on

    Don’t be so rude so what they got the. Recipe wrong it is not hurting you

  4. ownxile on

    correct recipe:

    9 oz soymilk
    2 scoops fro yo
    2 scoops raspb sherbert
    2 scoops strawberries
    1 scoop ice

  5. Molly on

    What are green and blue scoops? What measurement would that be?

  6. Martína on

    Yummy yummy yummy!

  7. maria on

    this isnt the correct recipe
    original size smoothie has
    2 oz soymilkd
    6oz lemonda

    2 blue scoops of foyo
    1 rasberry sherbet
    1 plain sorbet
    2 blue scoops of strawberries
    1 ice

    • bobby on

      omg this is sooo awesome!!!!!

  8. Ronald Bigornia on

    FYI, this isn’t the correct recipe.

  9. draigh on

    Only problem is it is a little more tart than it should be.

  10. Hannah on

    Do you just go up to the counter and order these? Or do you have to bring in the ingredients?

  11. J9luvsJamba on

    dis is good

  12. Katie on

    Can you even get plain sorbet, other recipies say you cn ?

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