PB & J

Original Size:

12 oz Soymilk

Two Green Scoops of:

-Peanut butter


-Frozen yogurt

One Green Scoop of:



You can alter this recipe by doing 4 oz apple juice for Soy, and take out the blueberries.

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  1. Aaron on

    10oz Apple-Strawberry juice
    2 scoops of pb
    1 scoop of frozen yogurt
    1 scoop of Orange sherbert
    2 scoops strawberry
    1 scoop banana
    1 scoop ice

  2. Nathan on

    Ok so after almost a year of working at Jamba Juice, I made the perfect pb and j. Here is the recipe for an original.

    5oz Mixed berry
    4 oz soy milk
    1 oz choc. base
    3 blue scoops froyo
    3 scoops peanut butter
    1 blue scoop rasberry sherb.
    1 blue scoop rasberry
    1 blue scoop blueberry

  3. Chris on

    PB & J Smoothie

    Berry Fulfilling
    No Low Cal Dairy Base
    Sub Soy Milk
    Sub Peanut Butter
    Light Strawberries

    Blended raspberries give that chewy bread taste that mimics the granola. Give it a shot.

  4. lolaebola on

    I like to add the protein boost, makes it nice and thick!

  5. Adrian on

    What are Green Scoops?

  6. JambaCORPORATE on

    Original Size

    4oz Berry
    6o Soy

    2 Blue Scoop Fro Yo
    1 Blue Scoop Rasberry Sherbert
    2 Purple Scoops Peanut Butter
    1 Blue Scoop Blueberry or Strawberry (Whatever You Like)
    -Optional- Granola or Flax & Fiber

  7. Mike on

    This actually tastes beter if you use 2oz berry juice and 6oz soy milk in the smoothie.

  8. J9luvsJamba on

    does dis actually taste like a samich? lolz

  9. Heck on

    I was only able to taste peanut butter when I ordered this. I think there needs to be less in it and more “jelly”.

  10. emmy on

    berry fulfilling extra peanut butter is the easiest way to make the PB&J and tastes exactly like it!

  11. alex on

    Ok for pb and j you should do 4 oz soy, 4 oz raz jc, 4 green fro yo, 1 green raz and 2 pb

  12. Jambadylan on

    Sounds pretty good.

  13. mad scientist on

    6oz soymilk
    6 oz pomegranate

    One fro yo
    One rasp. Sherbet

    Two strawberry
    One blueberry or banana

    Three p’nut butter

    Add flax and fiber boost…it gives it that bread flavor

  14. evie on

    this drink iz great! but after a while i got bored wit it:( so no more than a sixteen!

  15. Josh on

    The variant of the the PB&J I prefer is the following:

    Peanut Butter Moo’d

    Sub Soy Milk for Pomegranate
    Sub Banana for Strawberry or Blueberry

    • JambaJonny on

      Does pomegranate really go well with peanut butter?

  16. Anne on

    You can try substituting 4 oz of Raspberry juice for soymilk, one scoop of strawberries, and 4 of fro yo and 3 of the scoops they use to scoop peanut butter.

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