Orchard Oasis

Thanks to Athena for this submission.

Orchard Oasis (AMAZING!)
Peach Juice
Pineapple Sherbet


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  1. Star on

    None of the copycat recipes are correct for the Orchard Oasis. First of all, it originated with Zuka Juice, a Utah chain bought out by Jamba Juice. It was so popular, Zuka shared it with Jamba but Jamba doesn’t advertise it. 23 years later though, they still offer it.

    They left off the banana.

  2. JimmE on

    pick me up peach is terrible D;
    and so is orchard oasis, it’s on the menu at jamba.

    • Cape on

      Hell NO JIMMY! Orchard Oasis is the SHIZZY . . . What more could you ask for??? Straw. Banana. Blue. Peach. Pineapple Sherb? Jimmy You’re wrong . . . Its no where near TERRIBLE

  3. JAMBA LUVA on

    NEW FLAVOR!!!!

    GuRlZzZzZ Just Wanna Have FuN!!!!

    345 large strawb3rries
    1 Gr33N sc00p mango (n0 pits)
    23 OZ peach juice

    Melted Ice (optional)

    • Princess Pineapple Paul on

      I like this.
      i LUV this
      weeoweeowee weeoweeowee

      • Jason Hammond(or something like that) on

        oooh bab-E

        • Keenan on

          dis like 123% Luv, 123% s3x, and 123% Magikk

          • CiCi on


  4. jambajamba on

    its acutally

    12 oz peach juice

    2 green pineapple sherb

    1 green of:

    1 ice

    • Ethan on

      It seems like you know a lot, I am putting together a recipe book and I cannot find the recipes for Pick-Me-Up Peach, Strawberry Dreamin’, Protein Berry Pizzaz, Kiwi Berry Burner, and Blueberry Balance. If you could post these that would be great.


      • Britty on

        protein berry pizzaz is just the old name for the protein berry work out

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