Orange Divine

Thanks to Katy for this smoothie.

Original Size:

4 oz Orange Juice
8 oz Lo-Cal Dairy Base
3 green scoops strawberries
1 green scoop banana


7 comments so far

  1. gina on

    This is the light version of the citrus squeeze

  2. MooMooJambaJoo on

    Is this one any good? How different is it from the other orange smoothies Jamba has?

    • lizz on

      Another name for this awesome smoothie is orange dreaming, it is like an orange creamsicle.

  3. Bryan on

    Where can one find good quality lo-cal dairy base outside of a Jamba store?

  4. JSC on

    You don’t add sherbet to a light smoothie, its most likely 3 and 2 fruit wise.

  5. JambaJonny on

    Not enough scoops-
    Try adding pineapple sherbet

    • MSJamba on

      Actually all the sixteen and original light smoothies only have 4 scoops of fruit. It’s because the lo-cal base expands when it’s blended like the whey protein.

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