Mighty Cherry Charger

Thanks to Athena for this submission

18 Whole, pitted cherries
5 Strawberries
6 Oz cherry juice
6 Oz soy milk
2 Scoops nonfat vanilla frozwn yogurt
1 Scoop soy-based protein(8g protein)
2-3 Ice cubes
Blend ingredients until smooth


6 comments so far

  1. Tessie Shinozawa on

    This was my favorite smoothy from jamba juice!! Maybe it’s time to make come back!!! Yesssss Mighty Cherry charger!!

  2. Destiny on

    Jamba juice doesn’t have anything cherry anymore.

  3. Ellie Maybe on

    Jamba had cherry juice around the year 2001. The Cherry Charger was a limited-time promotional item. The recipe I remember was: 6oz cherry juice, 6oz soymilk, 1 scoop froyo, 1 scoop rasp yogurt, 2 scoops strawberries, 1 scoop blueberries, ice.

  4. Michelle on

    This recipe is wrong. It’s rasp juice, soymilk, fro yo and cherries. jamba has never had cherry juice and has not had cherries for atleast 3 years

  5. JambaJonny on

    I don think they have cherries/cherry juice anymore

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