Green Apple

Thanks to Adam for this submission.

Original Size:

8 oz Lemonade
4 oz Apple juice

Two Green Scoops of:

-Frozen Yogurt
-Lime Sherbet

One Green Scoop of:


1 Matcha Boost
3 scoops Ice

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12 comments so far

  1. kuvi on

    The green Apple is ok, its got some flavor

  2. SPARKY!! on

    I didn’t really like the lime sherbet after taste, but it tasted okay.

  3. jambajamba freak! on

    ohh i just j’adore freen apples so i am looking forward on trying this!

  4. nayna on

    ive worked for jamba for 3 years and never heard of SOME of the smoothies on here !

  5. nayna on

    omg ! we are at work and tried the green apple ! this ish is amazing !!!

  6. Mark on

    This drink is so damn nasty. It taste like green tea. And not even a good green tea taste.



  8. kay on

    Order a matcha green tea, no sorbet sub lime, no soy milk sub lemonade and apple juice

  9. Jamba Travis on

    I’ve made this with 6oz lemonade and 6oz apple cuz i didnt want it tasting to tart, and i also added another matcha boost and it came out quite tasty

  10. Sha'ni on

    dats watz good

  11. erick on

    omg i wanna try dis

  12. Nikki on

    I love this recipe!

    It really does taste like a green apple.
    Awesome job Adam.

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