Fruity Pebbles

Original Size:

10 oz Soymilk

One Green Scoop of:

-Frozen yogurt
-Orange sherbet
-Raspberry Sherbet
-Lime Sherbet
-Pineapple Sherbet

An alternative way to make this smoothie submitted by Jamba Cole:

Original Size:

6 oz soymilk
4 oz raspberry

Two Green Scoops of:

 -Orange sherbet
 -Pineapple sherbet
 -Raspberry sherbet

one scoop of strawberries

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19 comments so far

  1. Jamba4Lyfe on

    Jamba Recipe:
    Original Size

    9 oz. soymilk
    1 scoop of fro yo
    1 scoop of orange sherb
    1 scoop of lime sherb
    1 scoop of rasb sherb
    1 scoop of pine sherb
    1 blue scoop of raspberries

  2. jack on

    awesome! just kidding. hahaha!!!

  3. jason on

    i hate this smoothie it is the worst never get it

  4. Luke on

    MAKE IT THIS WAY!< ( trust me )

    i make all my smothies dank and thick so here it goes:

    *original size*
    4oz soymilk
    2oz mixed berry

    1 orange sherbet
    1 pineapple sherbet
    1 raspberry sherbet
    1 sorbert

    1 scoop blueberries
    and i add a soy protein boost!

    • Jay on


  5. teej on

    This is a way to make it and it tastes EXACTLY like fruity pebbles

    8 oz soymilk
    2 scoops orange sherbert
    2 scoops rasp. sherbert
    1 scoop strawberry
    1 scoop blueberry


    Pretty gud :-))…gud way 2 order it is

    White gummi
    No peach juice sub rasberry juice (or all soy)
    No mangos sub strawberries (or blue berries)

    • Mark on

      This is another good way 2 make it:
      White Gummi Original,
      No Peach Blend,
      No Mango,
      No Lime Sherbert,
      Sub Sorbet,
      Sub Blueberries,
      Sub Soy Milk.

  7. zzzzzzz on

    it tastes like nothing,,like it just doesnt have a taste :/ hate it

  8. jambadylan on

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  9. jambadylan on

    very *** good. i would order it again

  10. JambaJonny & dylan togeather on


  11. dylan on

    man that frity pebble smoothie tasted great!

  12. Johnny on

    I use the way Jamba Cole submitted and I sub soymilk with orange juice. It tastes like a miscellaneous flavored fruity pebbles. Pretty good.

  13. Anne on

    My Fruity Pebbles recipe actually tasted like Fruity Pebbles as they’re covered in Milk.

    12 oz Soymilk

    Two GREEN scoops of:
    Orange Sherb
    Fro Yo

    One light scoop of Matcha

    1 green scoop of ice

    This recipe makes the smoothie creamy tasting. 🙂

    • ali on

      I have a feeling that would taste more like a smoothie-form of the “Matcha Dream Shot” rather than a bowl of Fruity Pebbles…

  14. jambabum on

    10 oz soy

    green scoop of…
    orange sherb
    rasp sherb
    lime sherb
    pine sherb



  15. tobleroneking on

    mmm, this does sound better! Thanks!

  16. jamba cole on

    i work at jamba and we have a better way to make it.

    original size:

    6 oz soy
    4 oz rasp

    2 scoops orange
    1 scoop pineapple
    1 scoop rasp

    and a scoop of strawberries

    when ordering modify the orange dream machine:

    no froyo
    sub pine sher
    sub rasp sher
    light ice
    sub strawberries

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