Cranberry Craze

Thanks to Katy for this smoothie.

Original Size:

12 oz raspberry juice
2 green scoops raspberry sherbert
2 green scoops strawberry
1 green scoop blueberry


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  1. kuvi on


  2. chelsea on

    this is the pomegranate pick me up

    • K. on

      Actually the Pomegranate pick me up has pomegranate juice in it as well…thats why it is called a POMEGRANATE pick me up.

  3. anon on

    it’s supposed to have cranberry juice instead of raspberry, but we don’t have it anymore 😦

  4. JJ Since 98 on

    Scoop plain yogurt.
    It was in the cran craze.
    Only 10 oz of rasp juice fyi

  5. TiffanyyMcGowan on

    “Green scoop” is the size of the scoop at Jamba. You don’t actually have to tell them what colored scoop to use when you order. They’ll know based off what size smoothie you get

  6. Bobinjo on

    One simple question for everybody…
    Can anyone give me explanation for what is “1 green scoop”…I’m from eastern Europe and I never taste smoothie since now and I’m planning to make one.Thanks everybody.

  7. jambaqueen on

    Cranberry Craze is actually an old smoothie back when we had cranberry juice, but we stopped using cranberry juice so we had to stop selling the smoothie.

  8. tobleroneking on

    Because with all those ingredients combined, it’s supposed to taste like cranberry

  9. evie on

    y iznt there cranberries in it?! i dont get it!? itz called cranberry craze!

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