Chocolate Orange

Thanks to Anne for this recipe.

10 oz Chocolate Base
Two GREEN scoops:
Fro Yo
Orange Sherbet
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  1. Jambadylan on

    when i looked at the color below it’s top i thought is was going to taste worst than a fork stuck to some ones ass. but when i tasted that darn thing, it tasted outstading. i’d say it is a chocolate moo’d added with green scopes of orange sherbet (witch it is).
    a good recipie would make this smothie taste more like it’s name is:
    9 oz. of chocolate base.
    2 green scopes of orange sherbet
    frozen yougurt
    1 oz. of orange juice

  2. Dnkedue on

    This is the best smoothie I’ve had so far. From what they told me, they just added some Orange Sherbert into the Chocolate Moo’d drink. I wish I knew how they made that, though.

    • Johnny on

      The easiest way to order this is to ask for an orange dream machine, no oj no soymilk sub CMB (chocolate moo’d base)Note that the orange dream machine is creamy, so ask for light ice sub whatever (orange sherbet, preferably) and you’ve got a chocolate orange.

      -The reason that you don’t do the peanut butter moo’d id because if you do light fro yo, they’ll take one scoop off instead of two.

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