Chocolate Gummi Bear

Thanks to Kimura for this submission.

A white gummi, no peach juice sub chocolate mood base 🙂


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  1. RJ on

    Chocolate Gummi Bear on Oahu is made as a Chocolate moo’d no froyo sub pine sherbet and mangos.

  2. Henry Hootsinhimer on

    it sux so bad it doesnt even taste like chocolate

  3. Haley on


  4. patrick on

    i have my own way of making this and its amazing

  5. Thomas on

    I have worked at Jamba for like two years and would just like to say that I know the ins and outs of the tastes and stuff…

    There is no official chocolate gummi recipie but the people at my work have made one that’s pretty delicious.

    4oz- mixed berry juice
    2oz- chocolate base
    4oz- soy milk

    1- lime sherbie
    1- raspberry sherbie
    1- orange sherbie
    1- pineapple sherbie

    1- strawberry

    1- ice

    Lol the reason why the other one tasted so gross is because you putting 6oz of chocolate base to combat the fruity taste and it doesn’t taste all that hot I would imagine… The moo’d base is really strong and so unless you want that to be you’re main taste you go very light… It packs a punch!

  6. Grossed-out on

    I tried this and it tasted weirrddd!!!!

  7. Jambadylan on

    crap horrible taste like total ass!

  8. Roland on

    Ass probably tastes hell a lot better than this, it’s damn pretty gross.

  9. jambadylan on

    i have a feelin’ this is genna taste like a gummi delight.

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