Original Size:

6 oz orange juice
6 oz Enlightened base**

Two Green Scoops of:

-Pineapple Sherbet

One Green Scoop of:


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6 comments so far

  1. mdelin on

    I think they mean LoCal Dairy base. Used in our “make-it-light” smoothies?

  2. JambaJonny on

    Dude, not cool! i dont swear and I CERTAINLY don’t steal other people’s pen-names.

    Don’t believe that loser.

  3. jambajonny on

    yuck this tasted like ass! this damn thing is so damn bad. why the fuck would any moron want to taste this damn thing? whoever made it is total hell.

  4. anon on

    enlightened base is a low calorie dairy base (substitute). it’s made with splenda.

  5. J.C. on

    What’s the Enlightened base?

    • JambaJonny on

      It’s some sort of base flavoring.

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