Caribbean Creamer


(Cross of Caribbean Passion and Orange Dream Machine)

Created by Derek Pieser (Jamba store #269)

6oz Passion
4oz soymilk
2oz OJ

Green scoop (New Ergo dairy scoops used… said to be a little smaller)

2 frozen yogurt
3 orange sherbet

1 strawberry
1 peach
1 banana

1 ice



4 comments so far

  1. Corinne on

    Is there something else that can be used to substitute the 4oz soymilk?

  2. lizzydog106 on

    omg!!! i wanna try this so bad. this and a screaming orgasm. partially because i wanna ask the person for a screaming orgasm xD

    • gabbi on

      You want to order it just because of the inapropriate name? What are you 12?

  3. jambadylan on

    preet- OMG! must have more!!!!!!!!!!!

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