Original Size:

8 oz Chocolate base
2 oz Carrot juice

Two Green Scoops of:

-Peanut Butter
-Frozen yogurt

One Green Scoop of:


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  1. Sophie on

    What kind of frozen yogurt is in it? Vanilla?

    • Tricia on

      Yes it’s just simple vanilla (frozen yogurt) but the vanilla doesn’t have much sugar

  2. Henry Hootsinhimer on


  3. Ronald Bigornia on

    peanut butter mood no soymilk sub carrot. no banana sub froyo.

  4. k8 on

    Jamba doesn’t use green scoops anymore. They use blue for orig and power and red for 16.

    • Isaac on

      This is an old post dude, pardon him for not updating it with the new scoop sizes…

  5. Manfred on

    needs 4 scoops froyo.

    • Isaac on

      Technically no, The Butterfinger is originally runny. It is best with 4 scoops of froyo though

  6. Jp on

    Hey guys this is how I make my butterfinger:

    Original size:
    4 oz of soymilk
    2 oz to chocolate base
    2 oz of carrot juice
    3 green scoops of frozen yogurt
    1 scoop of granola
    2 scoops of peanu butter
    1 scoop of bananas
    1 ice

    You should really try it this way. Is the best.

    • Brook on

      So many versions to choose from, but I tried yours, Jp, and I’m impressed. On my way to order my second right now. mmmm

  7. scott on

    this smoothie
    is the peanut butter mood but with the carrot juice

  8. Daniel on

    It’s just a specific kind of scoop they use at Jamba Juice. They will know what you’re referring to when you order a smoothie.

  9. christina on

    Would someone be able to tell me, what a “green scoop” exactly is?

    • JambaJonny on

      Just a specail-colored scooper that’s used at jamba to make different sized smoothies.

  10. Jamba Jokester on



    -6 oz of Soy Milk

    -Two scoops of Peanut Butter

    -Three GREEN scoops of Frozen yogurt

    NO ICE!!

    Unhealthy, but super good when you just don’t care about sugars…

  11. Becca on

    Why carrot juice??? I don’t get it.

    • Isaac on

      The Carrot Juice gives it an aftertaste similar to Caramel

  12. tobleroneking on

    You’re right… I will fix this.

  13. john on

    you cant do a green schoop of peanut butter……

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