Bubblegum Blast

Created by Brigham Merrill.

Original Size:

6 oz Low-calorie dairy base
4 oz Soymilk

Two Green Scoops of:

-Frozen yogurt

One Green Scoop of:

-Raspberry Sherbet
-Pineapple Sherbet

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14 comments so far

  1. Carl on

    I asked, and they NEVER put sorbet in the Pink Star! Anyone who says they do is wrong, and an idiot, and is a stupid face.

    • Sarah on

      I work at jamba and as of January 3rd this year the sorbet was phased out. Before that we still used it in the pink star and matcha smoothies. You can ask for an ice/soy milk concentrate replacement if you don’t want that much froyo though.

  2. kuvi on

    I usually love jamba but when I went there I asked for a power bubblegum blast but this stupid guy said we don’t have it what the jerk is wrong with jamba juice underground

    • what on

      that’s because none of us like to make your dumb made up smoothies, and if you order a made up smoothie, learn how to freakin order it by substitution. No employee is trained to know about this unofficial site, and it just causes problems and bottlenecks in our stores. The actual secret menu is in our database, order from that or make your own at home.

      -a pissed off GM

  3. Henry Hootsinhimer on

    dosent taste like bubble gum

  4. Bryan on

    Where can one find good quality lo-cal dairy base outside of a Jamba store?

  5. Lolwut on

    Order one of these but sub the strawberries for blueberries, tastes like blueberry pie, amazing


    Pink star does have sorbet

  7. JambaJonny on

    At My store there ain’t any sorbet. They use razz sherb.

    • ** on

      you use both razz sherbert and sorbet in a pink star

  8. runpedrorun on

    There is sorbet in the Pink Star

  9. JambaJonny on

    There’s no sorbet in the pink star

    • Isaac on

      I work at Jamba and there is Sorbet in the Pink Star, anyone who tells you otherwise is stupid and needs to go check their facts. And all Jamba’s will have sorbet, its the substitution in the smoothies for people who are allergic to dairy.

  10. jambaluver on

    order a pink star

    no lemonade sub lo cal base
    no sorbet sub pineapple sherbet

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