Banana Cream Pie

Original Size:

10 oz Soymilk
*Chocolate base*

Three Green Scoops of:

-Frozen yogurt

Two Green Scoops of:


One Green Scoop of:


*Substitute as much chocolate as you want for Soymilk.

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8 comments so far

  1. Theycallmethejuicer on

    You can just ask for “PB Moo’d with no peanut butter and add banana” or “PB chocolate love with no peanut butter” if you prefer milk rather than SoyMilk.

  2. jambahlol on

    Yummm I think I’ll put straberrys in next time to its really good without but maybe netter with strawberries idk

  3. Henry Hootsinhimer on


  4. mamma"G" on

    Here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. jambaconosur on

    This is gonna be my drink today For Sure. Thinking I’m gonna have em throw in a couple strawberries in there too. should be BOMB

  6. Sk8tr on

    I hav GOT to try that!!!!!

  7. Jesse on

    It actualy seems pretty good im ganna go there right now and try it…

  8. Jambadylan on

    this looks like it tastes like ***.

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