Banana Berry

Thanks to Athena for this submission.

2 scoops blueberries (a handful or so)
1 banana
2 scoops frozen yogurt
1 scoop ice
8 oz apple juice


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  1. Henry Hootsinhimer on

    the flavor isnt good at all
    a :[

  2. Candii on

    All Jamba Juice Recepies that call for frozen yogurt are referring to Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, which you can sub vanilla ice cream for, but you are adding a lot of cals.

    • Candii on

      And this recipe is wrong, this is a 16 size and it should have 8 oz of juice, 2 oz bberies, 4 oz of bananas, 4 oz of froyo and 2 oz of raspberry sherbet. The fruit should be frozen to achieve the thickness of a regular Jamba smoothies.

  3. Nik on

    Could someone please tell me what flavor frozen yogurt do I have to use. And can i use ice cream instead?

  4. mary on

    well i work for jamba and it is on the menu. so everyone can stop trying to dissect the recipe.

  5. ixnaytim on

    um its ten ounces of juice since may 09. Jamba reduced the 24 oz original to 22 oz. The power from 32 to thirty. Then they raised their prices twenty cents across the board. Weak!@!

  6. BoOM! on

    The Bananabery is actually


    12oz Of Apple Juice

    One Green Scoop Of:

    Frozen Yogurt.
    Raspberry Sherbert.

    Two Green Scoops Of:


  7. JambaJonny on

    Yeah, Athena. You’ve got the wrong recipe and any jamba can make this cause it’s on the menu board.

  8. Jambalover on

    Bannana berry is actually

    for an original
    12 oz apple juice
    1 green scoop frozen yogurt
    1 green scoop RASPBERRY SHEBET
    2 bananas
    1 blueberry
    i ice

    get your smoothies right. this one is actually listed in the stores on the menu board

  9. JambaJonny on

    Sorry… Sub nothing.

  10. JambaJonny on

    Too much for an origional…
    Light blueberies sub whatever!

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