Baby Bottle Pop

Big thanks to Cameron for this submission.

6oz rasberry juice
1oz soy milk

one GREEN scoop

-Lime Sherbet

two GREEN scoops

-raspberry sherbet


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  1. Henry Hootsinhimer on

    baby bottle bops taste just like the smoothie

  2. Dequan Fowler on

    where in hell do people come up with rasberry juice? they dont have none last time i check since i work there

    • Rani on

      Ur retarded. Its mixed berry juice. It a majority of raspberry juice. So they used to call it raspberry juice.

      • RJ on

        You’ve got that backwards, we used to call it raspberry juice but changed it to mixed berry juice because of an ingredient change. I’ve worked there for years and still do.

  3. alyssa on

    Works best with 6 Mix Berry Juice, 2 Soy, 2 blue scoops of raspberry sherbet, 1 blue scoop lime, 3 blue scoops of strawberries and no ice

  4. ;jdwj edu jfw;oefj on

    there us nod0n


    Green scoops r scoopers that jamba juice uses 4 their sherbets or 4 tha fruit…they’ve converted 2 red an blue now

  6. Kai on

    what are green scoops

  7. Kai on

    what are green scoops?

  8. JimmE on

    I work at jamba, and the easy way to order this would be….

    Razzmatazz no orange sherbet, sub raspberry sherbet. and no banana sub lime sherbet, so gooood (:

  9. JambaJonny on

    Aren’t enough scoops…
    I’d mae it w/ 2 strawberries, no soymilk and 10 ounce raspberry juice (You can go light raspberry uice if U want it thick)

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