Aloha Mango

Thanks to Ariel for this submission.
(mix of aloha pineapple and mango a-go-go)

Original size:
12 oz passion mango juice

two green scoops:
pineapple sherbet

one green scoop:


17 comments so far

  1. kuvi on

    Great smoothie so good my favorite:).

  2. Tsuki on

    It’s been a few years since I worked there, but there is also a small scoop of plain non-fat yogurt (maybe vanilla?). I think it’s pretty close to a tablespoon worth.

  3. Henry Hootsinhimer on


  4. MARLENE on

    well i work for jamba juice there is no green scoop its red and blue now ok guys

  5. JambaJonny on

    I’m wondering what fruit cake came up with a green scoop there a green poop Im ten years old and a sexy child women

    • awesomeperson on

      wow…no offense but that was a wierd reply.

  6. JE on

    Just a quick note about the colors, some of the Jamba Juices have changed from Yellow (For 16 oz. smoothies) and Green (For Original and Power sized smoothies) to Red (For 16 oz. smoothies) and Blue (For Original and Power sized smoothies).

  7. Lauren on

    A “green scoop” is a measurement used in jamba juice that essentially translates to approximately 2 oz.

  8. JambaJonny on

    Alright- let me clear this up.

    Green scoop=1/5 of an original smoothie (not counting the 10-12 oz of juice).

  9. SKB7 on

    Does anyone know what a ‘green scoop’ can be translated into? Like is it 1 Tablespoon, or half a cup? It would be easier instead of making multiple smoothies trying to guess what makes it right.

  10. lana on

    yeah……what do you mean by saying green scoops??

    • JambaJonny on

      It’s a colored scooper they use at Jamba. Basicly, a “green scoop” is just a unique sized scooper.

      • paige on

        so when you go to order, do you tell them to use green scoop? cuz wouldn’t that be stealing or whatever cuz jamba owns the recipes?

        • SKB7 on

          They use the green scoop themselves for all of the regular size smoothies. There is probably different colors for the other two sizes.

  11. jambadylan on

    loved it

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