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New scoop Colors?

I heard Jamba recently changed their scoop colors, and maybe sizes too — does anyone have this info? Unfortunately I had to move to Charleston, SC, and there are no Jamba’s down here, so I’m gonna need some help on this one.

Also — I didn’t realize this site was getting so many hits! I’m going to spend some time sprucing it up a bit and adding some more of the recipes I’ve received — sorry for slacking! If there’s anyone who would be interested in co-webmastering, I would be open to ideas ūüôā



Sorry for slacking on this… I’ve received many emails and comments asking what a green scoop actually is…

A ‚Äúgreen scoop‚ÄĚ is a measurement used in jamba juice that essentially translates to approximately 2 oz.

There you have it. Although you don’t really need to know this, since it’s a Jamba Juice thing and they’ll all know what a green scoop is, even if you don’t ūüôā

New Smoothies Added!

After a long hiatus, I’ve finally added these new secret smoothie recipes, all submitted by users! Thank you SO MUCH for all your contributions and comments! Keep submitting recipes, and keep commenting on the smoothies! Let me know what’s good! ūüôā

Help Us Find Recipes!

A lot of people are looking for these smoothies. Know the recipe? Let us know so we can share it!

Andres’ Surprise
Apple Pie
Berry Depressing
White Fruity Pebbles
Pink Fruity Pebbles
Hello Jesus
Lemonade Lightnin’
Melonade wave
Now and Later
Pacific Passion
Penis Shooter
Rainbow Sherbert
Push-up Pops
Strawberries Lightnin’
Tootsie Roll
Tropical Tango

New Smoothies Added!


Green Apple! Also, an Important Message

An Important Message: I will have no access to a computer or the internet for the next two months, so this site will go unmaintained for that time. If you have new smoothie recipes or have corrections to existing ones, or whatever, send them in! I will be catching up on everything once I get back. In the meantime, try all the smoothies and send feedback on all of them!

On another note: New flavour, Green Apple, submitted by Adam. Let me know how it tastes!

Green Apple


Just a small clarification… I realize not all the smoothies here are not completely ‘secret’ and ‘unofficial’ and were in fact created by Jamba Juice themselves; however those smoothies are no longer on the menu and most people aren’t aware they even exist, hence the reason I have them posted here. Just wanted to straighten that out since I have received quite a few comments about smoothies that aren’t ‘secret smoothies’.

New Smoothies Added!


New Smoothies Added!


Try them out! Don’t forget to submit your own smoothie recipes!


…to the Jamba Underground. I recently found out from some of the wonderful employees at Jamba Juice that they have an entire ‘secret menu’ — smoothies that aren’t healthy enough for the standard menu. They are unofficial, unadvertised, and available here, all in one place, for the first time. Head on over to the About page to learn more about the Underground, or dive right into the Smoothies themselves.

Don’t see a Jamba secret smoothie that you know of? Have your own Jamba smoothie recipe? leave a comment or Submit a Recipe to me, and I’ll post it on the site and credit it to you. I want this to be as community-driven as possible!

Oh, I personally recommend the White Gummi Bear.

This page is a creation of The Toblerone King

Afterthought: All the smoothies are currently only listed in Original size; however I have them in the Power and Sixteen sizes if requested enough.