New scoop Colors?

I heard Jamba recently changed their scoop colors, and maybe sizes too — does anyone have this info? Unfortunately I had to move to Charleston, SC, and there are no Jamba’s down here, so I’m gonna need some help on this one.

Also — I didn’t realize this site was getting so many hits! I’m going to spend some time sprucing it up a bit and adding some more of the recipes I’ve received — sorry for slacking! If there’s anyone who would be interested in co-webmastering, I would be open to ideas šŸ™‚


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  1. Aaron on

    They have 3 scoops, Red, Blue and White or (green) Red is for 16oz Blue is for Original and White is for Power. All the recipies are the same amount of scoops for Sherbert and Fruits, 2 Sherberts and 3 fruits. We now have a Silver Scoop which is for power size.

  2. Snowy on

    Hi all,
    I just wanted to share the news….. I had no idea about this secret Jamba Juices until two weeks ago, I downloaded this because I love smoothies drink. I guess last week, Apple pulled this app. No more. Now, I have all the full list of recipes on my iPod!!! Lucky.

    From iTunes :
    Jamba Juice Secret Menu
    Last Changed:2 weeks ago Rating:4.50 (4)Version:1.0iOS iPhone
    The popular smoothie chain, Jamba Juice, is known for their great smoothies. However most people don’t know the items on their secret menu.

  3. denverjambaemployee on

    I’m currently at Jamba, and the original is now 20 ounces, and the power is 30 ounces. And yes, the green is now blue and the yellow is now red. Also, this isn’t a new smoothie, but with the new hot blends, there are more options for creating new smoothies. I accidentally put the vanilla whirl powder in a cold buster, mistaking it for antioxidant, and it was really good. I would suggest putting it in smoothies that have more of an orange flavor.
    Off the top of my head, will try it soon:

    for original size

    6oz fresh squeezed oj
    4oz soymilk

    2-3 scoops vanilla whirl powder
    1 blue scoop frozen yogurt
    1 red scoop raspberry sherbet
    1 red scoop sorbet

    1 blue scoop strawberries
    1 blue scoop banana

    this is just an invention at the moment, i will post again after I try it and say whether it’s worth trying or better to ignore.

  4. Shelbsey on

    The pomegranate pick me up is 6 oz pomegranate juice, 4 oz mixed berry juice (aka raspberry juice), 2 scoops of raspberry sherbet, 2 strawberries (sliced works the best!) but it would be about 7 whole strawberries, and 1 scoop of blueberries with some crushed ice. If you want it thick use less juice and more ice! ENJOY! šŸ™‚

  5. aidan on

    hi i was wondering does anybody have the recipe for Pomegranate Pick Me Up! smoothie at Jamba. I will soon be moving to florida where i wont have access to Jamba everyday. And idont know what im gona do lol.

    • Aaron on

      Its Pomegranite Juice, Mixed Berry Juice, Raspberry Sherbert, Strawberries and blueberries

  6. Nikkipedia on

    They’re smaller too. In order to survive in hard economic times Jamba Juice made their sizes smaller but kept the prices the same. :/

  7. milan on

    you’re right, the scoop colors changed. I work at jamba down in houston, tx. the bigger scoops are blue now, instead of the green, and the smaller scoops are red instead of the yellow. I wasn’t working there when the change took place but it was last year sometime.

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